About Us

“The Left-Right Alliance for Education” was formed out of a spontaneous gathering of education advocates from across the political spectrum, and across the nation, to determine if it is possible to construct a multi-partisan message for countering the current federal/corporate message driving education reform policy. Each of the participants volunteered their time to work toward our purpose. The effort received no funding. Our hope is that the work we have completed here will be a message that Stop Common Core efforts nationwide can endorse and utilize.

The catalyst for creating the Left/Right Alliance for Education was a widespread realization among education advocates opposed to the CCSSI that the CCSSI was winning the messaging war. There was also recognition that opposition to CCSSI is being widely mischaracterized as limited to only one side of the political spectrum, which is hindering the effort to get the opposing message a fair hearing in the public discourse. While the CCSSI is advertising its mission in a clear and consistent way, grassroots opposition has been fractured between political poles and uncoordinated between voluminous websites, bloggers, and local groups. It is very difficult for most parents and teachers, who can't devote so much time to sifting through the arguments, to discover the central points of opposition to the Common Core.

CCSSI has this simple message under its logo, “Preparing America’s Students for College & Career.” What parent doesn’t want their child to go to college and have a career? What parent doesn’t want a “consistent, clear understanding” of what their child is expected to learn? What parent doesn’t want a child “fully prepared for the future?” We all do. But what parent wants a “career ready” child who is a simple cog in a managed workforce? What parent would believe that workforce preparation as the central goal of education would “fully” prepare their child for the future? What parent isn’t concerned that the current education agenda is devastating their child’s innate love of learning?

The members of the Left/Right Alliance for Education understood on a basic level that to be successful in countering the CCSSI we needed to, 1) unite to support multi-partisan points of opposition  2) create a clear and succinct message of mutual opposition to Common Core, 3) make it clear that these points of opposition are shared by people from all over the political spectrum, and 4) appeal to the universal desire that all parents have for their children’s education, which is not just to be “career-ready”, but more importantly to become mature thinkers who are highly-motivated, self-disciplined, hard-working, creative, ambitious, happy individuals who know their own minds and who are prepared to thrive in any life path they choose. To answer these needs we formed an unusual group in the Facebook platform to facilitate a coast-to-coast discussion that could accomplish the task at hand.


  1. Again, thank you for this page.

    This issue has polarized the state of Alabama. I have been amazed at the different groups who support CCSSI/College and Career Readiness. Most of the time they cannot even tell you why they support it or their reasons are parroted and scripted.

    I am sharing your website with my email and facebook friends. A friend shared it with me.


  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting this group. We need this to show as I have stated from the very beginning, it is not a Right or a Left thing, but a final push to "dumb down" our children to be nothing but followers in "brown shirts'!

    CCSSI has gathered support from those who will make money off of our children and through the back door process give total control of the education of our children to the Federal government. The Constitution does not even mention education. The Founders felt strongly that the education of our children should be the responsibility and control of and by the parents. Educations primary intent was to teach our children how to read and their main book was to be the bible.

    Please let me know if our group can be of help and please let me know how we can take part in your list of bloggers.

    www,flcommoncore.net Floridians Against Common Core Education F.A.C.C.E.



  3. I am collaborating with the New Orleans and NorthshoreLouisiana Tea Party to bring light to the public about the CCSS, high stakes testing and data sharing. These conservative Republicans have to motivation and determination that my fellow Democrats have not mustered in the fight against the corporate takeover of our public schools. Thanks for starting this group.